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Member, SCventures| Founder, Digipanion

(In her 40's)


Her story (in her own words)

In 2019 December, I left my well-paying banking job to raise awareness about digital safety and wellbeing. Before COVID, there was little awareness and seriousness about this topic hence it was not easy to convince my family about my decision. However, that didn't deter me from taking the plunge and champion the cause. In the last 3 years, I have educated thousands of families globally, about various topics related to digital safety & wellbeing. I have also partnered with National Library Board, IMDA and several corporates to help them generate awareness about this important topic. Furthermore, I conceptualized and provided an app-based solution Digipanion in 2020. The app  allows parents to help their child to self-regulate screen time. The solution is available for free and has 14,000 users currently.


A WhatsApp group called Digiparents was also created with almost 100 participants to reach out to parents to balance their digital well being with their children, mentoring several members on areas related to Responsible Tech.


I am also a mentor at currently.

Greatest achievement

Educating thousands of families (in multiple countries) about online safety and digital wellbeing.

Biggest challenge thus far

In 2019 (before Covid) I left my well paying job to purse my passion with an clear goal to educate families about online safety. I started this journey alone and most of my friends & family members didn't understand the need. Hence, I couldn't find a business partner to come onboard which made this journey very lonely.  However, now I have a thriving community of parents, friends and corporates who understand the need and the vision. I am still a solo founder but I am not alone.

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what judges say

A great cause and necessary need in the current tech world. Kudos for setting this up by yourself!

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