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Founder, Expat Advising

(In her 40's)


Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Kia is a master of change, nothing less. Moreover, she transforms her personal experiences for the greater good of others, precisely what she achieved with the founding of Expat Advising at the age of 44.


Expat Advising stems from Kia's own encounter with expat life. After five international relocations in merely nine years, establishing and relocating two companies only to witness their closure during the COVID-19 pandemic, raising two third-culture children, managing a frequently absent husband, and achieving victories in her sport, Kia found herself utterly fatigued.


However, in typical Kia fashion, regardless of her age, country of residence, or challenges faced, she invariably discovers a path forward. Kia chronicled her journey in a book, unraveling the reasons behind her experiences. This exploration unveiled a stark reality: the expat industry lacked adequate preparation, leading to billions in losses for companies, broken families, and compromised mental health. Months of research, data collection, and interviews culminated in the establishment of Expat Advising. Today, the company caters to governments, corporations, universities, expats, and their families.


Kia dedicates boundless energy, candor, and ardor to her mission: "Creating Successful Expatriations Globally."


Kia is passionate about revolutionizing the expat industry. This encompasses fostering flourishing expat families, enabling countries to attract talent, empowering companies to safeguard their ROI and retain top talent, and equipping young global career movers with the knowledge for informed expat experiences. Going beyond the glitz, it is about digging deep into the good, bad, and the ugly of the expat lifestyle.


Kia fearlessly embraces failure, perpetually discovers solutions and pathways, and envisions unconventional ideas that she fearlessly expresses, even when they deviate from the norm. Her indomitable spirit, coupled with her relentless dedication to transforming expat lives and reshaping industry norms, truly sets Kia on a remarkable trajectory. Her unwavering commitment, coupled with her trailblazing candid and authentic approach, serves as an inspiration, making her a true standout in the field.


In her own words:

Greatest achievement

Work wise - to transform a  personal low into a business making a huge difference to others.

Personal - having two happy & thriving kids despite the multiple times they’ve moved country and school and to still be able to win trail runs despite my age.


Biggest challenge thus far

Getting up on stage and speaking the honest truth about (my) expat life in front of people. No filter.

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what judges say

It was lovely to read how she tapped on her own experience and struggles and openly shared this to help others through her business.

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