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a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

The Trade Desk


A media buying platform built for what matters. Trusted journalism. Premium streaming TV. One-click commerce.


All these amazing online experiences thrive on an open internet. And they’re all fueled by relevant advertising. That’s why we created an independent media buying platform designed for the open internet.


One that helps marketers reach more customers in more places, with more transparency and choice at every stage — from planning to pricing to performance. At its best, the internet is an open marketplace of ideas, content, and commerce.


And we intend on keeping it that way. Because the open internet matters.

We seek to amplify awareness and inclusivity by providing educational resources and learning opportunities for our global workforce. Throughout the year we organize employee-led panels, workshops and office celebrations to share experiences, spark conversation, provide new perspectives, and celebrate the diversity of our workforce. We also provide internal training and educational resources on key inclusion topics like cultural awareness and unconscious bias. 


A few examples include: Manara (Connecting with female talent in the middle east and Africa, in 2022 we hired and relocated engineers to work at various offices) Girl GEEQ (Investing in their mission to empower all women who wish to commence or further their IT careers) Women in TTD Circles (Monthly meetings to explore professional topics and exchange personal experiences in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust. Promoting learning opportunities, career development and provide a supportive networking group for our TTD Women)

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