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Founder & CEO, Musa Fit Pte Ltd, MUSA FIT

(In her 40's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Bego is almost 50, a mother of 3 and competes for IFBB Pro League. She started her fitness journey and working towards her sport <10 years ago. She is a prominent name in the industry and has won several IFBB competitions. She started her own company Musa Fit and is also a personal trainer and Zumba instructor. She is the kindest, most hard working and discipled woman I know. Its very inspiring how she manages her competitions, clients with 3 beautiful daughters while giving 100% to everything.


She's almost 50 and one needs to only look at her to know how hard she works on herself (all natural) and how passionate she is about her sport and industry. She's an inspiration with her kindness and discipline to her work, and the way she balances her company with a young family.


In her own words:

Greatest achievement

- To have helped my community of clients to get strong, confident, toned and improve their general wellbeing, both physically and mentally with a variety of fitness programs one on one, in group and online.

- To have helped to create healthier lifestyles for my clients through fitness and nutrition. 

- To have created a very solid client base of individual and corporate clients, that promotes and inspires others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. 

A few months after I opened my company,  I was shortlisted for the Fitness Best Awards 2021 in the categories of Group Exercise Leader of the Year, Personal Trainer of the Year, Bodyfit Transformation Award and ROAR Award  (Revolution of Asian Regime (under my company Musa Fit, Lifestyle Award).  Musa Fit was the winner of the ROAR Award and 1st Runner Up for the Bodyfit Transformation Award. 

To have competed in many Singapore and international bodybuilding shows and have secured eight medals.


Biggest challenge thus far

The biggest challenge has been to juggle family (I have three daughters), work and being an athlete since I opened my company.  Overtime, I have learned to have a good life balance and  being able to manage everything with discipline and being very organised.  I am very proud  of where I am at the moment and being recognised in the fitness industry for the work that I do.  With passion everything is possible.


what judges say

Competing in what is usually a more male-dominated sport of bodybuilding - and doing well in it!  Amazing journey, showing you can have a healthy lifestyle throughout your whole life. Testament that age is just a number!

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