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Managing Director, Alvo Connexions Pte Ltd

(In her 50's)

Her story (in her own words)

Originally from Hong Kong (and fluent in Cantonese), I have been based in Singapore since 2003. My career has brought me through many different aspects of human resource development.


Back in Hong Kong, I stepped from full-time to an advisory role in 1997 as a Global Mobility Senior Specialist with Nortel Networks Corporation (Nortel). This new role allowed me to take on a more active role as a mother at home. My work allowed me to provide solutions in international assignments, tax/immigration compliance services within and to the EMEA and Greater Asia regions.


Moving to Singapore was a big move for me, having been brought up and having lived in Hong Kong all my life. Fluent in Cantonese, I embarked on a career as Manager of the Career Resource Centre for Excellence (CRCE, non-profit program) in Singapore for more than a decade. In that role, I delivered various career-related programmes to the US Navy, US Embassy, Chamber of Commerce, business associations and schools/universities.


Thereafter, I also worked as an independent consultant with NetExpat, which is a flagship in partner assistance and intercultural solutions for more than 20 years. Being an instrumental partner of international corporations in easing international mobility. I provide customized job search coaching assistance; reviewing employment contract provisions; intercultural solutions & talent management.


I also took on various roles: Career Coach with Mums@work & Career Navigators Singapore; serving as a Board Member & Legal Advisor for Mama On Palette, Singapore.


From years of research & a catalyst in cultural neuroscience with the most recent development in social and cognitive neuroscience, I aspire to bridge the depths & nuances amidst intercultural leadership competencies. I have been a Lead facilitator & Assessor/Mentor with NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI) for more than 2 years. This eventually spurred me on to start my own company.


Being my own boss has allowed me to work with a diverse group of women & individuals over the years has been such an inspiration for me. The ability to support individuals on the various career and life transitions has brought be much satisfaction. I am honoured to be able to do the work in an area of great passion for me.

Greatest achievement

My greatest achievement has been discovering my ability to return to work after take a career hiatus. As a mother to two sons (including a 26 year old), I am blessed to be able to do meaningful work that creates an impact on women’s development in society. It has been enlightening on many levels.


Biggest challenge thus far

The biggest challenge has been to make a transition from Hong Kong to Singapore 20 years ago. Back then, I sought out part-time work, which was very limited and almost non existent. Working with a non profit then really helped me understand the landscape and how I can assist in this area of work.

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what judges say

Super interesting work, love the science that goes behind the business. Impressed by her journey to learn new things.

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