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Author, Managing Director, ACESENCE Agile Leadership

(In her 40's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

A self-starter who continuously demonstrated the ability to grow new skills and reinvent herself, Chuen Chuen showed it is possible to leave a career after 14 years and gain essential skills for successful entrepreneurship.


As a former educator, she rapidly established a strong online presence, demonstrating her relevance and debunking objections about an "irrelevant" career. She strongly positioning herself as a strategic partner to global businesses and senior leaders, despite not having prior similar business experiences. She displays a true desire to learn, evolve and to reach the pinnacle of her performance. She has documented her learning in two books: 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility and Leaders People Love.


I think her story was very well narrated in a CNA article (Link here).  I think it was a brave move to quit a very stable job and pursue her passion.


She is immensely resilient and agile in her approach. Her consistent ability to connect the dots and show relevance to current business challenges earned her the LinkedIn Top Voice (Company Culture) badge in 2022, and subsequently which a book deal with Penguin Random House. For a former educator, this achievement is unimaginable as the immediate relevance between her career and businesses. At the same time, she is hungry for further growth to fulfill her mission as a coach, facilitator, author, and speaker, in shaping the future of leadership, unlocking happier lives, and creating great workplaces.


I know Chuen Chuen through a work engagement. Although it's her own business, those that work with her can sense that she is genuinely interested in helping the individuals and team to be their better self or in better positions. Chuen Chuen had a stable job as an MOE teacher and could have remained, in her job. Instead, she took the leap and set up her own coaching company and eventually wrote books to share what she learnt throughout the journey.


In her own words:

Greatest achievement

To start off as a new player with little perceived relevance, I've nurtured a strong community of clients-turned-partners who would trust me enough to co-create the Leadership programs. They have my back, and subsequently have become my greatest advocates and ambassadors.


Being able to publish a book with Penguin Random House SEA was also one of the achievements I never thought would be possible.

Biggest challenge thus far

Self-limiting beliefs, mum guilt and giving up the stability of an iron rice bowl.


I feel proud that I have forged a unique path forward, inspiring others to also challenge the labels that don't serve them, and define success for themselves. As a former sufferer of hyperthyroidism, I am also proud that I am now able to strive for excellence without burnout and stress.

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what judges say

I love the way she pivoted from being an educator and amplifying her impact through LinkedIn and Podcast. Such infectious positivity!

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