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Founder, Unlocking ADHD

(In her 50's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Moonlake is a multi-hyphenate: lawyer, healthcare marketer, investor, mentor, runner and community builder. She also has ADHD. Moonlake’s daughter was diagnosed in 2018 at age 15 and Moonlake was diagnosed a year later at the age of 50.


In the past two years, Moonlake has pulled out all the stops to support her daughter and learn more about ADHD to manage the condition both for herself and her daughter. Moved by the stories of individuals and families she knows with ADHD, Moonlake has been journeying with them to support them. She has recently launched a Facebook page and support group for ADHDers in Singapore and is in the process of developing a portal for ADHD in Singapore. Moonlake believes that every individual is precious, and her purpose is Uncovering Diamonds – to give each person with ADHD hope for a brighter future. Moonlake’s vision is to make ADHD information and treatment accessible, affordable, scalable and sustainable.


Moonlake is passionate about making an impact in individual lives that will have a ripple effect into the lives of their families and communities. Undiagnosed and untreated ADHD can have a devastating impact on a person’s education, career, finances, relationships, and general outlook in life. Moonlake would like to bring ADHD into public awareness and destigmatise the condition. She would also like to connect ADHDers and their families with a network of support that can bring out the best in those with ADHD.


What sets Moonlake apart from other women is her energy, resourcefulness, persistence and diverse skill-sets. Her determination, when fuelled by passion for a cause that is close to her heart, makes her virtually unstoppable!


In her words:

Greatest achievement

The Best is Yet to Come - but at the moment, it is impacting the lives, not only of my own children (one of whom has ADHD) but also the lives of others with ADHD by connecting with resources and professionals who can help them overcome and manage the issues related with this disorder. This has an impact beyond the here and now.


Biggest challenge thus far

One of the biggest challenges is when we put up invisible barriers and tell ourselves that something cannot be done. The challenge that I am still working on, and which fuelled the desire to impact the lives of others, is when I worked together with my daughter to transform something that was hopeless into something that has hope. From almost being retained and flunking badly in school, we have fought together, side by side, to claim back her potential. To have that belief that anything is possible with effort, faith and divine providence. She is currently on the cusp of her next stage of life - having received a conditional offer of admission to a leading dental school in the UK. The next few months will reveal whether she is able to realize her dream. Two and a half years ago, this would have been an impossible fantasy. Now it is within grasp. I want to bring that hope to others in the ADHD community. That is it possible to maximize their potential, to build on their strengths, and to thrive.

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what judges say

I like these stories of women (in their various capacities, as mum or as individuals) going through certain issues, breaking free, garnering strength to do things that go on to impact others going through similar issues. Definitely a story worth sharing. 

Using her adversity to turn it into something great for others also suffering from ADHD.

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