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Team Lead | Mummy Mentor, Cru Asia Limited

(In her 50's)

Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Jodi is passionate about mums. To the extent she spends most of her time with people and mums, making friends, forming new communities, providing great support groups for mums to make friends and find purpose in their motherhood journey. Her influence has been tremendous seeing many mothers form communities, and grow together and stay together, and then become encouragers themselves. She also volunteers with Mums for Life taking time out and travelling to the prison to facilitate Heart of a Mother program for inmates. Despite her age, she has taken the initiative to learn content creation and embrace social media, with a team of volunteers who are mums encouraging other mums.


In addition, Jodi has 5 children. She's a mom-force and a gift to Mothers in the community.


She has a heart for women, a heart for those suffering. Personally she also has a very big heart of generosity and a good sense of humour. She doesn't have to be sophisticated, and teaches us a story of how simple passionate for mums in the community can be a social contributing force, that we only take small steps to make a difference. She takes time and goes to meet mums in their homes or online, grow together, learn together, reach other mums. Her mum groups have commented on how the support is much appreciated and how the community is a positive difference in their lives.


In her own words:

Greatest achievement

To see mommies being supported in like-minded community and see them reaching out to other mommies.


Biggest challenge thus far

I was a struggling leader when I took over the group in 2007. At that time, I just gave birth to my no. 4 baby. There was no proper handover from the previous leader. I had a marriage crisis. I really struggled in leading a group of mommies who acheived more than me. This sense of lostness lasted for a few years. Until I realized these busy mommies CHOSE to volunteer here is because they believe in the cause. I honestly told them I did not have everything figured out. Together we can figure the pathways in building this mommy community, I welcome their suggestions. I empower them to try new ideas. In 2011, we changed our name to WOW MOM. We came out some framework for our community. In 2019 we ventured into social media in supporting more mommies. Happy to see that I am not the only one passionate about building mommy community. Surprisingly our number double during the COVID pandemic. Thankful for more mommies stepping up to support other mommies in small groups.

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what judges say

Being a mother is never easy, and being a mother without enough support from family and friends is even harder.  It's wonderful to have individuals like Jodi who offer support

to mommies in the community.

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