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Founder & Managing Director, Marina Mathews Communications

(In her 50's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Marina Mathews is an Australian-born PR and marketing communications dynamo with 25 years of expertise spanning Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. After relocating to Singapore 17 years ago, she founded her own PR agency, which was acquired by a UK company six years later. Following a brief tenure with a multinational agency, she re-entered the entrepreneurial realm, relaunching her PR agency. This move provided her the opportunity to work with celebrities such as Paris Hilton, music producer David Foster, and HRH Prince Harry.


Marina's influence in the industry was acknowledged when she was listed in the PR Week Global Power Book 2015, cementing her status as one of the world's leading PR professionals. Beyond her corporate successes, she is passionate about literacy and serves as a founding Board Member of Sing Lit Station, a non-profit that supports Singapore's literary community.


Juggling her demanding career and philanthropic commitments, Marina has also been a devoted single mother to two young boys for the past ten years. Her life epitomises a unique blend of professional mastery and personal resilience, making her an inspiring figure in both the corporate world and the home front.


Known as the "PR Queen of Singapore," Marina has a reputation for delivering exceptional results for her clients, built largely on word-of-mouth endorsements‚ testament to her professional integrity. Marina also channels her expertise into mentoring the next generation of PR professionals, committed to shaping their career paths. Remarkably, she achieves all this while being a devoted single mother to two young boys and running a million-dollar business. Her unique blend of career focus, commitment to mentorship, and familial dedication makes her an inspirational figure in both the professional and personal realms.


In her own words:

Greatest achievement

Building a million dollar business over the last three years, while raising two young boys without any financial support.


Biggest challenge thus far

I was exposed to domestic violence yet I pushed through it all to build a better future for my children. 


what judges say

Persevering and succeeding despite experiencing domestic violence is very commendable and definitely, inspirational!

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