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career transitioner/ restarter


Psychotherapist, The Small Giants

(In her 40's)

Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Mey spent the first half of her working life as an auditor, a financial controller and a lecturer in a Polytechnic.


Having lived through life-changing experiences of the loss of her child, a dilapidating illness, clinical depression and anxiety, she decided to dedicate the next half of her work life to helping others.

Having lived through depression and anxiety, Mey found that the conventional treatment of medicines as well as talk therapy did not work well for her. She took the journey to explore new ways, and discovered what truly helped her. Having found the solution and knowing the comfort of the correct therapy, she wanted to offer this comfort to others. This prompted Mey to study about therapy.


Therapy is now her main thrust of work. Mey has chosen to dedicate her time to journeying with people on their road to recovery in mental wellness.


Apart from her professional career, Mey also also enjoys volunteering: visiting the elderly, connecting with people through various volunteer groups.  She serves on the board of Care Community Services Society (CCSS).


In her own words:

Greatest achievement

To follow the spark in my heart to help others, and seeing the sparks in the eyes of the lives of those I have journeyed with to wellness. 

Biggest challenge thus far

From being a patient of mental illness diagnosed as severe and could be at best be managed for life (i.e. I won't be the same as before), I am now a psychotherapist. I didn't just cope, I thrived!

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what judges say

It must have been a difficult journey to overcome mental illness and then build on that strength to contribute to others.

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