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Founder, Class Living

(In her 40's)


Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Lilian was a stay at home mother for 11 years. She started a family in her twenties, returned to school to attain her Bachelor as a mother of a toddler. By 40, she started a furnishing business then sold it off to an interior designer.


What people don't know, was she battled depression and was suicidal from a young age. Had body image issues, serious lack of confidence and identity. At 46, following her passion for empowering women, she started Class Living, a social enterprise, created to build courageous women leaders through coaching & mentorship; transforming women's mind, body and soul. Her vision is these women will go on to impact their spheres of influence without having to shout to get attention, without losing their femininity and with CLASS - Courage, Love, Authenticity, Stewardship & Significance. The steps she took to recover from depression without psychotropic drugs is her coaching blueprint today.


Lilian celebrates women, she lifts women. She is soft spoken, kind, gentle, and an example of an introverted, shy, woman with a heart for good, raise up and build other women up. We need to see more women like Lilian gets recognized as well as to show that the ordinary can be extraordinary.


There are countless women out there who are like her, they need to see that they too, can create an impact. Women like me who have benefitted from her guidance and I feel that it is time to put Lilian out there to get recognized, perhaps, join forces with likeminded women like you to form a bigger army of women who impact.


In her own words:

Biggest challenge thus far

As a social entrepreneur building a self-funded community from ground zero, funding and building a team of leaders has been the  challenge from the start. Since the beginning, we rely a lot on volunteers & sponsorship when it comes to community projects. We hope to do more on the ground for the community with the activities and events strategically designed to engage the community.  


My vision is to see women living our destinies & dreams while creating a positive impact in our spheres of influence. Hence my mission is to inspire & empower women to get unstuck from their fears, self-doubt & limiting beliefs to live a life of Courage, Purpose & Significance through mentorship & community support. 


I hope to see more women rising in leadership to partner with the male leaders and together create a positive social impact & better future for our next generation. I realized over the years working with the women who volunteer in the community, that many are actually living with high-functioning depression!


They may appeared “normal” on the outside & some even doing very well in their careers or biz but are internally struggling with negative self-limiting & self-sabotaging thoughts & behavioral patterns! Some even have suicidal thoughts before. 


The journey of personal growth & leadership development is not a quick trip. Besides courage, commitment, consistency, patience, love & mental resilience, we also need competency in coaching & leadership skills to support the personal growth, transformation & Breakthroughs of the ladies in the community. 


The outcome is that they’ll become a woman of courage, taking the next leap of faith & excel in their own sphere of influence. 

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what judges say

Gentle mental health warrior who overcame the odds. CLASSY!

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