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career transitioner/ restarter


HR Consultant | Workplace Coach, SecureAge Technology | Savoir Asia

(In her 50's)


Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Janice left her great career in public sector to pursue Masters in Human Capital Leadership at the age of 45. She then started coaching and consulting work in the people side of businesses. She also obtained her Zumba instructor certification and subsequently remained active -  teaching regular classes.


After accumulating vast work experience, Janice had the courage to pursue her passion in working with people. She started with getting a proper academic foundation and then applied her expertise in a field that is very niche & relatively untouched by most industries. For someone who does many things, she also has great vibes & spark, which can be derived from her high energy levels and great passion. In addition, as common friends, we often speak highly of her, recognising how she is simply, just a wonderful human being.


In her own words:

Greatest achievement

I don't think I can pinpoint one greatest achievement in my life. Life is a journey with many ups and downs  - being able to reflect and gain enlightenment from challenging experiences, having the courage to own up to mistakes, having the humility to keep learning and relearning, discovering and rediscovering about myself, having the discipline to make positive adjustments to old habits and way of life, being able to find meaning in the things I do, having the opportunity to help others find clarity, connection and joy in the things they do - the sum of all these gave me the most fulfilment and achievement in my journey thus far.


Biggest challenge thus far

Rather than say I feel proud about myself, I'd say I feel thankful that there have been challenging moments in my life that on hindsight I may not have handled well back then, but those were where valuable life lessons were drawn that helped me become a better version of myself today. Those life lessons taught me life skills, shape the way I think and anchor me in the work that I do today. 

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what judges say

A continuous learner that consistently takes the steps towards pursuing her passion. Definitely an inspiration for many!

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