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Executive Director, Ambulance Wish Singapore (AWS) 

(In her 40's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Carol is the co-founder of AWS, a charity supporting terminally ill patients through the simple but deeply meaningful act of wish granting. AWS believes every patient deserves the opportunity to have their wishes fulfilled, regardless of patient diagnosis and background. For a few years, Carol was running AWS on top of her full time job. It is only recently she joined AWS as the ED. I worked with Carol on granting 3 wishes and she was highly committed and dedicated to her role as a volunteer. She has so much care and kindness towards the patients.


On top of the wish granting, Carol organised 2 major funds raising events for AWS. She did that to ensure AWS is here for the longer term. She has not claimed any credits for her efforts and has always been humble and steadfast in fulfilling AWS' mission.


In her own words:

Greatest achievement

To bring the community together to support the terminally ill through this simple but deeply act of wish granting. Every wish we fulfil is a profound opportunity to craft enduring memories and celebrate the lives of those facing terminal illness in our community. The mission of AWS extends far beyond the confines of hospitals and hospices; it reaches far into the very homes and hearts of those we serve. 


Biggest challenge thus far

Fulfilling wishes during the Covid period. For a new charity that just started and trying to navigate through uncharted waters, that itself was quite challenging and it was more so challenging as we faced so much unknowns during the pandemic. We pressed on,  and have since fulfilled more than 150 wishes to date.

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what judges say

Starting a non-profit charity organization that aids those in need requires a great deal of bravery and determination. Very powerful mission of fulfilling wishes for the terminally ill

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