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career transitioner/ restarter


Executive Director, Ecoplus International Pte Ltd

(In her 40's)

Her story (As shared by her nominator)

After 20 years of dedicated service in the marine & offshore, process and engineering industry, primarily spent in Uniweld Products, Belinda embarked on a courageous journey to switch career paths, fully embracing the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. Her decision was not made lightly but stemmed from her desire to explore new avenues, contribute to the industry in a different capacity, and pursue her passion in Human Resource management for the engineering field. She also wanted to support and inspire a new generation of engineers.


Belinda left her position as Executive Director at Uniweld Products in 2022 to set up an independent consulting firm, Business Engineering Solutions Pte Ltd that worked with different engineering companies to optimise their HR needs. In addition, she has since joined Ecoplus International as an executive director and taken on various key advisory roles in organisations like the Association of Singapore Marine Industries, social enterprise Trampolene and Nanyang Polytechnic. This reflects her deep desire to enrich others and to nurture talent in the engineering sector, even as she pursues excellence in her own career.


I have known Belinda for over thirty years, since we were teenagers. As long as I have known her, her greatest strength has been her ability to connect with and care for the people around her, with a genuine sense of compassion and empathy. Even when she joined the traditionally male-dominated world of marine engineering and industrial welding, she brought her own distinctive brand of warmth and passion with her. While Singapore's engineering industry may be best known for its efficiency and technological capabilities, I believe that Belinda can play a vital role in nurturing its heart.


In her own words:

Greatest achievement 

I have been in the family business for over twenty years serving the welding engineering industry. I left the family business some 7 months ago and it took great courage and wisdom to unplug myself to go to the unknown on my own. In January 2023, I set up my own consultancy business. I have always seen my career as a calling to serve the engineering world. I am a strong advocate of encouraging Singapore youths to go into skilled trades, creating and innovating the future of engineering. I serve in the Association of the Singapore marine industry as the vice chair of Women’s Wing where I have been given opportunities to mentor and to encourage more women to join our industry. I am privileged to be able to provide exposure to as many women and youth in the engineering world. I also serve in Trampolene on its board of directors ,  a non profit organisation that uplifts & equips special needs for the engineering industry. Our GATES  programme - Growing Autistic Talent for the Engineering Sector is supported by Temasek and Temasek foundation. This has given me the confidence to speak to leaders of the company to try out an alternate source of local talent and explore the potentials of these students of special needs from the institute of higher learning.


Biggest challenge thus far

I left the family business with no support, not knowing what to do or understanding who I am. The Association of Singapore Marine industry, gave me the title as the first individual honorary member so I could continue serving the marine community despite stepping out of the family business. I was truly humbled and honoured by the recognition. Within two months, I had gathered enough strength and confidence, seeking guidance from various people and decided to set up my own consultancy business. During that two months of searching, I was also approached by Trampolene a non profit organisation to serve the underprivileged, placing special needs into jobs for the engineering sector. By working with this team, I learn about working interactions outside my family business. With the favour found in friends, associates and customers, I am able to stand up on my own two feet earning and contributing back to the community.

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what judges say

Giving back to society with her skills in engineering to encourage more women in STEM, D&I and growing talents, with special needs in the engineering sector. What a star!

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