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career transitioner/ restarter


Executive, SUSS

(In her 40's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Barbara is the "most" superwoman I know. Starting her career at HDB, Barbara self-funded her undergraduate studies and began her 1st career transition – into travel sales, while also caring for her ill father. At her career peak, she left 5-digit monthly earnings to accompany her husband to an overseas job. Barbara took care of the home, the husband, became a mother, and continued to upgrade herself through courses.


Barbara put her career on hold to be ever-present for her young daughters. She cared for them and taught them to be independent, curious young ladies. They have never had tutors, and we have never had a helper. At 39, Barbara transitioned back into the workforce, beginning her 2nd career transition into hotel sales, opening new revenue streams.


At 44, Barbara got her Spec. Dip. in Early Childhood Education, and started to teach. At age 45, Barbara was headhunted by SUSS to virtualise their programmes in our new Covid-normal. This is now her 3rd career transition. All this time, Barbara continued to take care of our family, cooks our meals, cleans our home, puts up with the husband.


And she's now learning to ride a motorcycle.


Barbara knows that she cannot juggle all the balls all the time (we can't expect to have a super career, be a super parent, and have a super-social life). For what Barbara holds most dear - she prioritises, so she never has regrets. She's a hero to her girls.


In her words:

Greatest achievement

Other than having my 2 lovely girls, it is completing my Diploma at NIEC while working full-time.


Biggest challenge thus far

Life is full of challenges. I am proud that I managed to study and work while caring for my family, all without external assistance. My husband and children have given me immense support in helping me to make my career change and dealing the occasional challenge thrown in my way. They have never questioned why I would always be taking up different courses or skills training program to learn more and better myself. Unconventional? Yes, but never boring.

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what judges say

Numerous career transitions, all quite different and distinct. Shows her determination to balance work and family and succeeding!

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