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Founder & CEO, Abry Pte Ltd I Co-Founder, Mums for Life

(In her 40's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

In 2019, on her 40th birthday, Adriana started a ground-up and national mothers movement, Mums for Life, with a group of mothers from various communities. The movement aims to complement the emphasis and efforts of the national fathering movement, DADs for Life, and seeks to enhance support for mothers as well as to build stronger families in Singapore.


Adriana envisioned that when mums are confident in their unique identity and multiple roles at home and in society, they can better nurture their children and support all Dads in building a stronger family in an increasingly complex world.


As she drives this ground-up initiative in the community, Adriana continues to be a full-time mother to our 4 children, a loving wife who supports her husband’s ambitions and aspirations, and a caring employer who dynamically expands her business so as to provide employment to more women in marginalized situations. Adriana is also a great daughter to her parents, and parents-in-law. She exemplifies for our children what it means to be a daughter who honours her parents, loves and supports her husband, nurtures her children, and what a great company should look like to employees who want a good work-life integration.


In her words:

Greatest achievement

Abry Pte Ltd - Creating sustainable job opportunities for women in different circumstances to be able to build their life and family, while developing them towards reaching their dream. Showing that all women, no matter what circumstance, if nurtured in opportunity, have what it takes to build their life and a shot at purposeful fulfilment and can be a contributor. Hired 10 retrenched women during covid season. Mums for Life - Since starting in 2019, we finally hired our 1st 4 headcount in April 2021 and have gotten our work supporting mums and families, off the ground.


Biggest challenge thus far

Abry Pte Ltd - Surviving through the last 1 year of covid without retrenching any staff amidst industry fears of closing down, and expanding into another 5 shops amidst the pandemic, with the ability to hire more staff. Enabling more women, designers, mumpreneurs to find a way. Mums for Life - whether the program we created would be impactful, but the response has been great! Trying to convince external stakeholders that this is going to make a difference to mothers.

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what judges say

Definitely an inspiring story worth sharing. Setting up Mums for Life in addition to having her own company, hiring retrenched women and juggling all these commitments with 4 kids!

Kudos to her!

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