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career transitioner/ restarter



(In her 40's)


Her story (as shared by her nominator)

A versatile and entrepreneurial professional who is passionate about making education relevant to the careers of tomorrow. Vidhya is a highly motivated Educator who believes strongly in making my students' tertiary educational experience relevant to their career choices and the demands of Industry 4.0.

Vidhya teaches Critical Thinking and Reasoning as well as Design Thinking through Project Work. As a firm believer in lifelong learning and a former Corporate Trainer, Vidhya also interested in Adult Learning. An eternal student, she believes her passion for teaching stems from her innate sense of curiosity and exploration.

Before she joined teaching, Vidhya had a very successful career in the financial sector, which she had to take a step back from due to family commitments. At 42, Vidhya took the plunge and joined the teaching fraternity. While it wasn't easy to kickstart a new career (particularly one where mid career switches were few and far between) and begin right at the bottom once again, Vidhya's humility and wealth of experience inspired both her fellow colleagues and students alike.


A self-driven risk-taker, Vidhya also built her own Financial Advisory practice of over 150 clients from scratch over a period of 5 years. She provided risk and wealth management solutions to individuals and corporates.


Vidhya is not in the profession to climb, and has always sought the well being of her students and colleagues.


In her words:

Greatest achievement

I don't count it as an achievement - but on an on-going basis I am able to provide perspective to my students and colleagues from my experience, which from their responses, seems to help them cope with uncertainty and anxiety.


Biggest challenge thus far

I am proud of my ability to learn from those around me, especially given a significant number of them are much younger than me. I was worried about my ability to do this, but am happy that my love and enthusiasm for teaching are far stronger than my ego.

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what judges say

Switched from the financial sector to education - Strong accomplishments and social impact

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