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Founder & CEO, CXA Group

(In her 50's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Rosaline is an exceptional business starter. She had the vision to disrupt and industry which benefits many people. Her resilience is uncanny. Rosaline has faced many adversaries in her life and has always pushed forward. She continues to lead CXA Group in a path forward to change the group insurance industry. Finally she always prides herself in helping and supporting other women leaders. This compassionate style is amazing.


Rosaline invested $5M of her savings and borrowed another $5M to build CXA after 5 years trying to convince her previous firm to invest in Asia. Now CXA has over a million users across 20 countries in Asia and is being white-labelled as the SME bancassurance SAAS platform. CXA has been awarded Insurtech of the Year, Top CEO, Global Innovations in Healthcare, Asian Human Capital Leadership Award, Asian Insurance Innovations and HR Vendor of the Year for Corp Wellness and Comp & Benefits.


In her words:

Greatest achievement

Built CXA as a startup focused on shifting company-funded treatment spend, which employees can deploy into early detection, disease prevention and wellness to improve health.


Biggest challenge thus far

My NY-HQ MNC failed to invest in my idea to shift treatment spend to prevention, so I left to build my dream on my own with my family savings. Since then, we have grown to over 1 million users on our platform across Singapore, China and Hong Kong and are now restructuring to white-label for the insurance and banking industry for their SME and retail customers.

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what judges say

Running a scaleable and fast growth company at her age - Rosaline is such an inspiration to women executives and aspiring founders.

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