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Co-Founder, 1degreeC (Artisanal Cold Brew Coffee)

(In her 60's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

She started a cold brew ice coffee business at the age of 60, with not much prior experience. Took her few years to understand and to learn the ropes of this business. She never liked to take photographs but when her hair started to turn grey in 2019, she stopped dyeing it and decided to embrace it and accept her age. That's when she took up modelling at the age of 63. She is in the process of starting a social initiative for elderpreneurs to motivate more elders from age 60 on make up tips, health tips and to look good.


I admire her courage and determination to start a new career at 60s. She has never failed to motivate all women around her to do the same.


In her words:

Greatest achievement

Proving that seniors are not weak or useless and we are capable of learning and doing new things.


Biggest challenge thus far

There are many challenges that I am proud of since the formation of our small business selling cold brew coffee in 2016.  First, cold brew coffee is a millennial drink and I had to learn new marketing platforms such as social media and interacting with the young generation. Being camera-shy and an introvert, I had to challenge myself to face my fear at interviews and being on screen. Finally, modelling at age 63 proves that age is just a number and we should not let age limit us.

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what judges say

Self-taught go-getter!  Spirit, tenacity and determination at an age when people are starting to look at retiring instead of starting something new.  Incredible!

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