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Director, Business Development, XGate Singapore I

Co-Founder, The Social Exchange

(In her 40's)



Her story (as shared by her nominator)

Lynette was tired of the corporate life and in 2015, took the plunge to start her own business, The Social Exchange, organizing regular pop-up craft markets. She also co-owns a second business, XGate Singapore. Though not a digital native, she pivoted and retrained, eventually setting up the local arm of the award-winning digital marketing agency. She will soon add a 3rd feather to her cap, as an associate lecturer at Ngee Ann Poly, teaching digital marketing to SG United adult learners.


Although COVID-19 has affected both her businesses greatly, Lynette is truly an inspiration and the epitome of a gritty and resourceful Singaporean who keeps breaking new ground to strive, not just survive. (She has overcome some tough times in personal life too.) I am also impressed that she constantly looks for ways to help her local crafters. She is currently exploring online platforms etc.


In her words:

Greatest achievement

To regain full control of my life - both personal and business. I learned to put myself first and not blindly do things just to please others, to the extent that I lost my own dignity. I am able to execute plans and make decisions to my best ability to support those whom I think need my help.


Biggest challenge thus far

I finally had the courage to end my 16-year abusive relationship with my ex-husband and left the corporate world after 21 years in the same year of 2015. I had to face a tough divorce, being jobless and poor health (it was the same year I had 3 operations). It was truly a difficult year but with the support from family and friends, I managed to overcome all the adversaries.

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what judges say

Being able to leave long-term abusive relationship and a corporate career in her 40s to pursue new ambitions is definitely a story worth sharing with others as an inspiration!

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