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APAC Head, EDGE Strategy I FWA Strategic Engagement Chair I Advisor

(In her 50's)


Her story (as shared by her nominator)

In every step of Chin Loo’s life, she has taken in any adversity in her stride. No doubt there are ups and downs but that never stood in her way of doing what she thought was best. From raising two children with a full time job to getting involved in numerous charities and volunteering work, she has always been an inspiration for me as a growing woman. Her passion for gender equality and diversity in the financial sector has helped so many women in their careers in finance. Going from being a top student to a leading economist, to a president of the Financial Women's Association Singapore and now the head of APAC of a gender diversity certificate organisation, her abilities, dedication and motivation shines through it all.


Chin Loo has been a volunteer and champion of gender diversity and inclusion for 20 years, with FWA, BoardAgender and BNP Paribas. She has recently joined EDGE Certification as APAC Head to further her work in gender development. Chin Loo has mentored many younger women, many of whom have gone on to great success in their careers. She decided to switch careers when she was 45, to focus on gender work with FWA. She also took on a role as a legislative assistant, as she wanted to give back to the community by helping research on topics of concern to Singaporeans and to lobby for change in parliament. Chin Loo is passionate about education and technology, and act as an ambassador and advisor to several start-ups.


In her words:

Greatest achievement

Raising my 2 children (a son and daughter) to be independent and responsible, treating them as equals and being a role model for them.


Biggest challenge thus far

Being a single mum to my 2 growing children whilst holding a demanding job, making time to volunteer with FWA to champion gender inclusion in the workplace, volunteering as a sports convenor and inaugural president of a women's network in BNP Paribas.

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what judges say

Her journey as a single mum yet having success at work and championing change in the community is worth commending and highlighting. Lovely to see her champion for gender equality and be a mentor to young women in the finance sector.

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