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career transitioner/ restarter


Academic Therapist, MSL I Sales Manager, The Missing Piece

(In her 40's)


Her story (as shared by her nominator)

An ex-lawyer and then a stay-at-home mum for many years, she took the plunge to go back to work when she was 44, in a field that she was passionate about and totally different from her previous life. Her compassion and love to genuinely help the kids who are dyslexic shows as she truly loves her new job and enjoys going to work.


The courage to start in a field that is totally different despite a lower pay from what she was drawing when she was a lawyer and in a field that can contribute back to society.


In her words:

Greatest achievement

Discovering that age is no limit and that I can balance being a full-time mother and run 2 completely different part-time jobs, and that I can do completely different things from what I started out as (lawyer). Love being back at work and totally love my new roles!


Biggest challenge thus far

Learning to navigate technology - online sales platform, and learning to be a therapist to dyslexic children and to be good at both jobs :)


what judges say

Returning to work after kids to be academic therapist to dyslexic kids – good community impact

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