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“Using her knowledge, and offering it to the rest of the world for free. She spreads joy with her words and her talent. Her creativity in plugging a need for young adults to be aware of their rights, helps to empower them (and their families), making her story a truly unique one!”

(Awarded to the lady whose work creates positive joy & impact on society)

Caris Tay

Presented by Twitter

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“Rosaline’s work as one of the leading Tech entrepreneurs and founder of CXA has changed the game for women-entrepreneurs in the tech-world. Her story of grit over the years is living proof that age and gender need not be barriers to driving change. CXA is a hybrid company that has established a niche of its own in the health and technology sectors. A true game-changer!”

(Awarded to the lady who sets about breaking norms and driving change)


Presented by General Assembly

Rosaline Chow Koo

Kim Underhill.jpg


"Kim's tenacity and grit in both her personal and professional life is so admirable. Amazing woman who overcome situational and professional obstacles to succeed and now supporting other women to do the same while raising 2 children.
And now a happy grandma!"

(Awarded to the lady who displays limitless resilience and drive)

Kim Underhill

Presented by The AsianParent

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Candice Yeo.jpg


(Awarded to the lady who pushes past barriers to pursue her dream)

"Candice's spirit of overcoming adversity and persevering to achieve her childhood career dream is worth celebrating. Battling cancer in her first year of nursing studies, pivoting her career to fulfil a lifelong dream and doing work that contributes to the greater good of society – Candice is a true inspiration force of strength and tenacity."

Presented by Citrix

Candice Yeo


Indra RL Iswaran


(Awarded to the lady who is brave enough to keep learning and pushing for her dreams)

“Indra shows by example, how age is not a barrier. Major career transformation, moving between her roles of motherhood and career-woman, Indra showed a determination to learn and re-learn. In her constant drive to upskill, she did not let her fears stop her from becoming a chef, host and author. She is definitely an inspiration for fellow women, to pursue their passion, regardless of age!”

Presented by Career Navigators

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