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Recognising women in Singapore,

who push boundaries to forge new paths.

Unlimited by age or gender.

Celebrating wisdom.

Embracing transformation.

Brought to you by the ladies behind Career Navigators/ Mums@Work Singapore

"age is just a number."

Designed to celebrate the woman who restarted a career path, embarked on a new business adventure, sought out her passions as she approached the mid-point junction of her life. Singapore: 40-over-40 aims to celebrate the female that has taken risks and faced challenges to embark on a new career, try a new path or start a business after her 40th birthday.

In a society that highlights the spunk and never-ending energy of the young, the brave individuals, who are not limited by age or gender deserve to have their stories told. In this spirit, this project wants to 'embrace the transformational journeys' of 40 women in Singapore, over 40 years of age' - sharing their tales of 'taking a risk' to breathe life into their career aspirations, despite the odds.


the three categories

Women who embark on journeys as:

  • Entrepreneur - started a business

  • Career Transitioner/ Restarter - embarked on a new career path

  • Social Contributor - followed her passion to do good for society

Thank you so much for

your interest in


Nominations are now closed.


our sponsors + partners

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Sponsor: The Trade Desk
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behind the scenes

Career navigators, a subsidiary of Mums@Work Singapore, serves as a compass point for the woman who wants to explore new (or restart previous) career paths. Through self-discovery, training and actual hands-on experiential projects, we assist female talents in getting back on board and all ready to ‘up her game’. We celebrate gender diversity and encourage companies to support the journey of these women. Acting as a partner, we strive to deliver numerous educational, tactical and strategic projects, enabling employers and job seekers to find the perfect win-win situation.


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